Boroli Barolo



We are a family owned and operated business.

It is thanks to the work of preservation and cataloging by Don Carlo Pollina (1744-1799), tutor of little Carlo Antonio Boroli, Silvano's four grandfather, that the many familiar documents came to our times.

Among these, the heraldic coat of arms speaks of great merits to the Crusades, underlined by the crescent moon and the scimitar brandished by the rampant lion, a symbol of perspicacity and daring. Instead, it is the radiant sun that tells us about the abundance of family resources, kissed by divine providence.

Silvano married Elena Verri in 1968; they have 4 children (Carlo, Guido, Achille and Filippo) who work in different areas and now 7 grandchildren.

Silvano worked in the graphic publishing sector until the 1990s, then decided to change his life, dedicating himself to a passion he always had: the land, which for a Piedmontese can only mean wine in Langa.

Achille, after graduating in business administration, decides to take care of the winery and the food and wine industry.

After the recognition of the Michelin star in Locanda del Pilone, the 2012 harvest radically changed the method in the vineyard and winery, aiming at the total quality of Barolo and its Cru.