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It will definitely be a different lunch or dinner.

Our blind tastings are intended for those who intend to eat, drink and have fun.

Great for gathering a group of friends, family, birthdays, company parties, bachelor parties, a group of people available to have a good time. 

The rigor in the analysis of the wine and the formalisms, are at the door.

This test aims to create a whole positive energy throughout the tasting.

The uncertainty of what will be proved puts the senses in a state of alert. 


But how do you do our Blind Tasting?

​ There are no requirements for knowledge, we just ask that you bring a good mood. ​

  • At a table filled with delicious delicacies, the hosts (O Vinho) arrive, 4 different references.

  • A small introduction is made to the participants on how they can analyze the wine and get more out of the tasting.  

  • The bottles will be capped and they will be revealed at the end of the tasting.

  • All participants have in front of them all the characteristics of the wines being tasted, they just don't know the order. The challenge is to know "who is who".

  • Later they harmonize with lunch or dinner.

- Duration: Approx. 2 hours (Tasting and Dinner) 

- Groups: Minimum 10 People

- Physical Difficulty: No physical difficulty

- Location: In a restaurant owned by our partners.

The activity takes place in one of our partners' Restaurants of your choice.

It is the Customer who chooses in which Restaurant the event will take place, according to the desired Gastronomy.

Values vary depending on the Restaurant and menu chosen.

Values from €45 per person (Minimum 10 people)


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