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How it works


Great for gathering a group of friends, family, birthdays, etc...​

Organize a Dinner or Lunch and a Blind Tasting in the comfort of your home.

This tasting aims to create a whole positive energy, without leaving your comfort, which can also be accompanied by the delicacies that we can make for your guests.

But how do you do our Blind Tasting?

​ There are no requirements for knowledge and the only things we ask for are a willingness to learn and a good disposition. ​​

  • Our boards of cheeses, sausages and the like arrive at your table to announce the start of the tasting.

  • A small introduction is made to the participants on how they will analyze the wine and get more out of the tasting.  

  • Meanwhile, the hosts arrive, 4 different wine references. (Type of wine, prearranged)

  • The bottles will be capped and they will be revealed at the end of the tasting.

  • All participants have in front of them all the characteristics of the wines being tasted, they just don't know the order. The challenge is to know "who is who".

  • Later, they can be paired with lunch or dinner organized by the Client.

If you prefer to taste these wines with a pairing prepared by us, contact us. ​


- Duration: Approx. 1 hour

- Groups: Minimum 6 People

- Location: At your home

The activity takes place in your home or in a place of your choice.

Values vary depending on the wine segment, the number of participants and the location of the tasting.

The meal is organized by you.

We also have the option of preparing the entire meal, with the help of our partner and Chef Luis Fernandes.

Values from 25€ per person (for a minimum of 6 people and includes Tasting and entrance fees)

Make your reservation through our contacts.

Always book at least 15 days in advance.

Activity with a lot of demand, so the reservation will depend on our availability.


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