We have existed since 2019 through the initiative of the founder of the PdF Group.

The PdF Group comprises Adega Paulo da Fonseca (Loja Gourmet) and PdF Wine Events.

Paulo da Fonseca Tapadinhas, has a basic background in Hospitality and Tourism but has always been connected to the premium segment and it was at Mercedes-Benz that he spent the last 11 years, before launching Adega Paulo da Fonseca. in 2019 .  

Always had the intention of creating something that could develop and cultivate the best that exists in our gastronomy.

We are a company dedicated to the Representation and Marketing of the most appreciated and renowned wineries.

We focus on offering a wide range of domestic and foreign products.


We believe that good gastronomy and good wines enhance friendships.


It is up to each one of us to transmit energy and motivation, in order to meet expectations

of our Clients and Friends, satisfying their needs in the best way.


Today, we are certainly happier than we were yesterday.  

"To be different is to be special..."  

Paulo da Fonseca Tapadinhas       

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Adega Paulo da Fonseca

Adega Paulo da Fonseca

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